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Writing a book review is one of the most common assignments given to students. This pertains to choosing and reading a certain book, writing what the book is all about and giving a review about it. It should be written properly and a good book review means it is complete with all the necessary parts. This is why before you write a well-written paper about a certain book, you should know the right parts that the review must contain.

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Book details

This refers to some important information about the novel you have chosen to read, whether it is a fiction or a non-fiction. The information written in this part includes the title, the author, the publication, etc.


The introduction is very vital part. This is because this is where you present what the novel is all about. In other words, this is where you give readers the idea of what the story is all about, the characters, the main point of the novel, etc.

The book review

After that brief discussion, this is the part where you discuss the good points as well as the bad points about the novel in your own opinion and your explanation. This part should be discussed very well because this is what most readers read immediately if they want to know whether they should be reading it or not.


This is where you write your overall opinion about the novel. You can even rate it in this part. You can give recommendations to reader as to whether they should read the novel or not.

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